If you like to make a whole lotta cards at once and want to maximize the use of your resources, you are going to love this one sheet wonder template that can help you make a whole batch of cards!

Years ago, someone coined the term “One Sheet Wonder” which is essentially where you take one sheet of cardstock or patterned paper and cut it into specific shapes and sizes to give you many components that you can then use on a number of different cards. I love using a one sheet wonder template with all kinds of papers and because I usually use mostly the same components on all the cards – like greetings, trim, other stamps – I really CAN make a whole batch of cards in no time.

Here's a peek at one of the cards I made using today's one sheet wonder template:


One sheet wonder template for batch card making

Isn't that pretty? And SO easy! This one sheet wonder template makes four cards and here are all of them:


Cards made from an easy one sheet wonder template


You can see how I used all the same supplies on the cards but they are all just a leeeetle bit different from each other thanks to the one sheet wonder template I used.

I created the template and then though that you might like to see it “in action”. So first, here's the one sheet wonder template I created and used:


One Sheet Wonder Template


Click here to download a copy of this.

I kept the measurements as basic as I could and I think that's why this is one I come back to over and over; it's super easy to cut and then you can make four cards, all a little different and all equally gorgeous!

Here's the video where I show you how to pull them all together:


And here are the other awesome Stampin' Up! products I used to make this card – click on the image to add it to your shopping cart!

Easy peasy – my favorite kind of stamping! Now that you've seen how easy it is to make a batch of cards with this technique, go ahead and try out using this one sheet wonder template and your favorite goodies and have fun!





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