More on Decorating Your Office Supplies

Ok, so we have made pens, clippies, push pins, so now it is time for the pen holder.  Are you ready for this?  Now, before you ask me where I got it, I have no idea.  It is one that I have had for a while, but I showed it to a friend and she thinks she saw them at Target.  You can find any white wooden box and do this.

More on Decorating Your Office Supplies


I started with the Gingham Garden Washi Tape and some of the Melon Mambo ruffled ribbon that I love (it is retired).  And if you have this ribbon, and to yourself you are saying, “Meg, I have that ribbon, but mine has polka dots printed on it.”  You are correct!  The other side of this ribbon is polka dot.

BUT, when you have the 10 Second Bow Maker, one of the videos teaches you how to tie single sided ribbon without any of the other side showing.  (It's like magic!)

I tied the ribbon, making a double loop bow and bam – stuck that baby on with a mini glue dot and started doing the happy dance!

What else do you want to see that falls in line with “More on Decorating Your Office Supplies“?


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