More Office Supply Decorating Ideas!

When you buy office supplies, they typically come in a brown box – BORING!  Earlier, I shared with you on my Facebook Page how I like to dress these clippies up with Washi Tape, but I hadn't showed my jars that I keep them in.  So I get my office supplies, dump out the boring brown box, throw out the boring brown box and go to town with decorating.  I put the clips in the jar, pre-decoration, because I feel pretty secure in saying that if I had waited to photograph the jars until all the clippies were decorated, then I would probably forget to take a photo of jar, and most definitely would have forgotten to share it – as these are not the normal types of projects that I share on here.  (If you are liking these project ideas, please leave a comment and let me know!)

You are now probably wondering how long it takes then to decorate the clippies.  Honestly, it does not take long.  It is a wonderful task to do while you are on hold.  And it is a portable project too, so throw your clippies, (my auto correct would prefer that I quit using ‘clippies' and sticks with clips, but clippies is just more fun!), your scissors and Washi Tape in a bag and hit the doctor's office – you know you will wait there.

For the jar lids, I really wanted the pattern to show up, and on the silver it got a little lost.  This is a great time to grab a scrap of Whisper White card stock and apply your Washi Tape to it and then secure it to your lids with sticky strip.

More Office Supply Decorating


I hope that you have enjoyed today's fun little project with the jars.  Again, here is a link to my facebook page where you can see the clippies, push pins, etc that I already shared over there.  If you like these office supply decorating ideas, please leave me a comment and I will share more tomorrow!

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