More Holiday Leftovers – Christmas 2022

Okay, so I took pictures of my before and simply can't find the pictures, so we will roll with this anyway – and I get to practice my descriptive writing, lol!

Picture this…

I have a little bin on my counter that holds my leftovers. For example – a die may have two hearts on it, but I only need one. So one goes on the card and the other in a bin. I think I will need three trees, so I make three, only need 2, one goes in the bin. I have a brilliant idea, get it all prepped – and the idea didn't work and all the pieces go in the bin.

I try to use up the items in the bin. If not, it's really just a second trash can. Each month I pull out what's in there and see what I will try to use and what I honestly won't. I found a few black bat die cuts in there when I did my most recent clean out, I know I won't use them, so they flew right into the trash.

Today's project started with an outline die cut that has snowflakes on it. a stamped word “merry” that I already cut out, and two left over trees in different colors.

After grouping these together, I knew I could pull these elements into a cute card in no time.

I could have spent a lot of time adding more layers and doing more with it, but the beauty of this card is that all I needed to add was some red and white card stock and rhinestones and this card went from sitting in a bin to being a card I would proudly send out.

If you “collect” little bits here and there, I encourage you to go through them. Pick a day and time that you have to work with these pieces.

Sort them into piles of what works together. Then pick the pile that excites you most and run with it! That's exactly what happened with the project from today.

And if I didn't tell you that all these items were sitting in a bin, you probably wouldn't have known!

Give it a whirl, plan a time, sort your stuff, and get creating! XOXO, Meg

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