Let me start by saying, I am really not a crier.  But today, I cried more than I can tell you!  Today was an incredibly special day.  This was the day that we went to where the stamps are made, the Stampin' Up! manufacturing center in Kanab, Utah.  We had a two hour bus ride with Shelli and it was a question/answer fest (her asking, us answering) the whole way.  Very interesting.  And then we pulled in front of the building and ALL of the employees came out to meet us!  They were waiting outside lined up and we walked though the walkway they made for us and they were thanking us for all we do!  (I am tearing up writing this.)  Clapping, hugging, high 5'ing, you cannot imagine it, so I took pictures!










There are 70 employees at the Kanab Facility and Rob showed us all around!  AND GET THIS…

I GOT TO MAKE STAMPS!!!  So I got to put the rubber on the plate thingies, put them into the very hot press thingy, push the buttons, pull them out and CUT THEM!!!  So I made the Punched Potpourri stamp set, it is a hostess set.  If you do not have it, you really need to book a workshop with me so that you can get that stamp set.  Because you just may get one of the sets I made!! 

Then I got to package the stamp set On Your Birthday (one of my favs!), so I got to put the set and stickers and blocks into the box.  And Linda that works there said I did it right, so if you get a box with the wrong blocks, it wasn't me!

I so wish I could share pictures of that experience, but sadly, we are not allowed to take pictures in the production room.  Shane helped us with making stamps, he was really fun! 

Interesting factoid, over half of the employees have been there over 10 years.  Wow!  They all love it.  We had a fun session where we got to ask them questions, panel style, and we learned so much.  The number one stamp set that they are making is Just Believe.  Look it up, it is a great set.

We got to see the apartment that employees can stay in when they go to the Kanab facility so they do not have to stay at a hotel, and it is unreal.  It is upstairs and Shelli decorated it with her daughters.  So incredible.  I will share those pics later.

Then off to the city park for lunch, that came in these precious lunch bags that we got to keep, pic below, with this cute fork and spoon combo thing that I know Emily will snatch.  And let me tell you, the creme brulee was to die for!

I will post a ton from the city park and tell you all about it later, it is incredible, but here is a fun picture of part of our group.  This is a group of first time achievers.

Then we played games the whole way back for prizes, and I had no idea how good at bingo I really am until today, I guess when it really counts – and you are winning Stampin' Up! goodies, you have to bring your "A-game".

After getting back to hotel, we went to the hospitality area and Plinko'd for prizes, too fun!  And do you remember the pictures of the sweet shop that I posted from convention?  They took it one step further!  It is almost all REAL CANDY!!! 

And I was not "sold" on the scallop edge bags that are in the current mini catalog, I mean how can you really like a paper bag, right?  These are awesome!!!  They are heavier duty than a lunch sack and really cool!  They are now going to be on my next order!  Anyway, we took those bags and got to fill them with candy, and they leave that room open 24/7, so at 3am if you can't sleep, guess what you can do???  And they have my favorites!  Swedish Fish, Mike and Ikes, and Starburst!!

So this is the stash we came back to our room with (you will not see the candy in the pictures, because I am eating it in hopes that the tears will magically disappear.)


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