Good morning!  Welcome to another Monday Musing with Meg

WOW, a lot to share with you all!  First, let's talk about the blog 🙂

I spent the better part of Saturday morning working on Halloween cards for the blog.  I am not a huge Halloween fan, but I LOVE the create opportunities that Halloween brings.  From my home to my cards, it's fun to decorate in a way that is so different from what our home normally looks like.

Tomorrow there is a new tutorial coming to the blog using washi tape, it's a fun one that you won't want to miss.  And then later this week, we start in on the holidays!!!!

Speaking of our home, last Thursday I told Matt that I really wanted to paint our dining room.  I went upstairs for a couple of conference calls, and when I came back down, all the furniture was out and the room was taped for painting.  By Saturday, we were done painting!  That is NOT how it usually goes when I suggest a project!  This house was two years old when we bought it.  The original owners chose a light beige trim package.  Which looked really good in the model home, but my friends, it's not ideal.  All the metal on our windows in beige – I have got to figure out how to paint those!!!  And then all our doors, base boards, crown, everything is beige.

You don't realize how dark it makes everything until you paint the trim white.  Here is the before:



There is more to be done before I share the after, so stay tuned.

Question for you all though.  We have the buffet behind the table as you can see.  Which of course means that when you put the dining room table in and away from the buffet so you can actually pull out the chairs, then the table isn't centered under the chandelier – and that chandelier is almost history! – so how do you feel about swagging a light?  You have to choose right?  Odd swag or light not centered.  If anyone has pictures of cool ways they have done a swag, PLEASE email me pictures!!

OK, moving on!

Stamping Family is taking another huge step forward in our site transition to new software.  That's so exciting, I can't wait to share the new site – it makes me giddy just thinking about it!  This week is a HUGE step in the coding process.  Plus new videos coming to the site this week, a Christmas one and an under 15 minutes card.

Papercrafting Triple Play September Edition is being filmed tomorrow!  I LOVE the way the projects turned out for this issue.  I started on them August 1st, but couldn't get them just right.  Then I had a huge light bulb moment last Wednesday that pulled it all together.  Can't wait to share it with you!

Then yesterday we got the email we have been waiting for for Emily.  Emily swears she has been waiting forever, but it's really been two weeks 🙂  She started volleyball last year about this time, never played before, and wasn't very good of course.  She was initially put on the B team, but was quickly moved down to the C team.  Her coach made that decision based on her potential in the sport.  She said if she stayed on B team, she would really stay on the bench.  If she moved to C team, she would rarely be on the bench.  So being moved down gave her a lot more game time and experience that she truly needed.  While Emily was crushed by this decision, it was the right thing for her.  It also lit a fire under her booty and for a solid year she busted it to improve.  From different camps and programs to endless hours outside working on it, she had one goal in mind for this year – A team.  And yesterday we got the email that confirmed that her goal had become a reality!  She leapfrogged over B team and slid right on into A team.  She has been such an inspiration to me this past year.  The goals she set with volleyball, with her grades, with everything (except for keeping her room clean, I wanted that as a goal, she passed on that one!) this kid is such a hard worker and I love to see her when she puts her mind to something.

Alrighty my friends, we are at the end of this weeks Monday Musings.  Lots of stuff coming your way and I can't wait to share it all with you.  Have an amazing week!  XOXO, Meg

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