Mixing Unloved with Loved Products | Sale-a-Bration 2018

Yesterday over in Stamping Family, I posted the world's LONGEST video where I showed the entire creative process I went through starting the entire thing picking out a product that I all but had to dust off.

So many times we are better at buying than using, right ? 🙂  OR, we buy with the intention of using part of a set, and we do – and don't touch the other parts of it.

In that video, you even see me going through my craft room looking for something I haven't used before.  That item was grabbed off the tension rod that holds my framelits and then I start pulling in other product, loved and well used, to some accessories that have just been sitting there.  And I showed our Stamping Family from start to finish how I go about creating based on using these unloved product.  I was so uncomfortable making the video, because when I make videos I want you to get the best, everything prepped, everything thought out, tips to go with it, I want it to flow and in this one there is a LOT of thinking time.  But those that have already watched it really enjoyed it!  So as uncomfortable as it was for me, I will absolutely do it again because I know it helped them.

So why did I just write all of that?

Cuz it jump started today's project.  I had it on my mind yesterday, what else needs some dusting off and given a little attention?  And then I challenged myself to mix it with my favorite SAB item of 2018.

The Unloved Product

The stamp set that had to be dusted off is called Work of Art.  When it first came out, I used the snot out of it.  And then put it on a shelf.  For a long time.  Until today 🙂

This is a fun set to add texture to a card – check it out:



I love all the shapes and swishes – not so much the words.  Just the images.  That is why I bought the set – had nothing to do with the words.

The Loved Product

I love my converse.  I wish I had them in every color to be honest.  I wear them everyday – love them more than I love my pajama pants – and that is saying A LOT!  So when I was initially thumbing through the 2018 SAB catalog and saw the Epic Celebrations stamp set with converse – OMGosh.  It was like the clouds parted, the bird of happiness landed on my shoulder, and I swear I heard Julie Andrews singing “The Hills Are Alive” in the background.

Pure Joy!!!

Here is this joy set:



Today I used the headphones and the “you're awesome” stamps from that set.

I am going to show you the finished card and then we will break it down – there are probably some elements that you just might miss if you glance at the picture and then quit reading.  So I will do my best to entertain you as I explain it all 🙂

The Project



OK, there it is.  So now let's break it down.

The Color Palette

Simple and fun – yellow, black, and white is all.  Nothing special, but one of my favorite color combos of all times.  I just love it.  You won't see me stamping a lot of bees, so don't feel like this combo is only good if you are stamping bees.



The Background

From the Work of Art set, I used just the circle and the heart.  That's all the stamping on the background.  But it just wasn't doing it for me.  It was good, but could be better!  So I brought in a different shape by adding the plus signs embossing folder (that's not what it's really called, but that's what I call it).  I use this folder a bunch, it is one of my favorites.

It was getting better, but I wanted more on my background.  The headphone image lends more towards a little bit more grunge kinda card.  And then I remembered my rarely used big Aqua Painter.  The Aqua Painters come in a set of two, one fine tip and one broad.  I had to dig for about 10 minutes to find my broad one.  It's not used enough to make the cut of staying on my counter – only my favorite items have the privilege of staying out all the time.

I filled it with water and got the tip really wet, then grabbed my Tuxedo Black ink pad and took ink from the sides of the lid.  (I have a lot of ink on the sides of my lid, apparently I can't just close it – I have to slide it around to get it to hit the right spot to close I guess.)

Then some flicking of the ink and I was able to get some fun splatter on the background.

It was a beautiful moment, not just because it looked awesome, but because I used a technique I haven't used in several years – and that went right along with the theme.



The Elements

The sentiment was really easy to make, I just stamped the sentiment in black ink onto white card stock and make banners on each end.

For the headphones, I stamped them with Tuxedo Black ink and then used my Stampin' Blends to color them in.  Then it was time to fussy cut.  Here is a great post on tips for fussy cutting if you want to learn more about it.  For me, I put on the Hair Bands Radio on Pandora and went to town.

Why Hair Bands?  Last week my sweet hubby took me to see Bon Jovi in concert!  I have always wanted to see him in concert, as I have had a crush on him for over 30 years.  <sigh>  And it's really cool when the hubby will take me to listen to my crush sing 🙂  So now I am back to my love of hair band music.

Back to the card…

Something was still missing.  I had my fussy cut headphones, I had my sentiment, and an amazing background – now what?

I was digging through my baggy of black card stock and found this unused star – it's from the Mini Treat Bag Thinlits.  Again, perfect as it went with the theme of the card.

Finishing it Up

All that was missing was the card base, I tried just putting it on a black card base, but it was just meh, but I liked the black behind the stamped piece.  So, get this… in my scrap bag was a piece of Basic Black that was 4-1/8″ x 5-3/8″ – I KID YOU NOT!  It was serendipity 🙂

So I slapped those two together, added it to a Daffodil Delight card base, stepped back, probably would have patted myself on my back, but I have a pulled muscle in my right arm, and that is my better reaching arm – so I had to settle for a quick happy dance in my craft room.  And again, not kidding – I can't make this up.

My craft room is at the front of my house and it has a 5'x5′ window in it.  And at the time that I am doing this dance, my neighbor walks by and waves.  MORTIFIED!!!  Ugh…



The Supplies

If you are picturing several people that you can make this card, or something similar to it, then here is the list of supplies I used.  Remember that the awesome Epic Celebrations stamp set will retire on 3/31/18 – so don't wait to get it.  To order any items, simply click an image below.


The Wrap Up

Thank you so much for checking out today's post.  There are some really fun challenges, several ‘behind the scenes' videos, and OVER 400 project videos in Stamping Family – each with teaching points, suggestions, and just pure fun.  If you are not a member of Stamping Family, you should really check us out!  Click here to see what I am talking about.

Have a great day! – Meg


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