Check out a SUPER cute project using the new and HOT Mini Pizza Boxes!

Today I am kicking off Eight Weeks Of Halloween with some of my favorite new goodies from the Holiday Catalog – the Mini Pizza Boxes. I am so excited about these little cuties and if you have fallen or start to fall in love with them like I have, please, order them now. They are already on low inventory and they will go on back order very soon.

So take a look at how cute these mini pizza boxes turned out, all “tricked” out for a Halloween “treat”:

Stinkin' cute mini pizza boxes all dressed up for trick or treating


Isn't that adorable? Now I sure won't be making one for every kid who comes to the door in eight weeks but I definitely will be making a bunch more of these and filling them with some little goodies for those special people who make my like better, easier, happier……who is on YOUR list?

Here's a peek at the layered top:

Easy Layering on top of mini pizza boxes

This was so easy to make with just a few tools and stamps – I LOVE easy! And see that “Trick or Treat” label on top of the nesting orange label? Are you thinking you missed some nesting tools? Nope, this was made with a super easy tip you can use with any cutting tool. Here I used the Everyday Label Punch and just trimmed off the ends of the 3/8″ strips I used to layer. Here's a peek at how:

A quick tip from the mini pizza boxes tops

Whenever you do this, just flip your punch upside down, set your piece in the punch where you want to trim it and gently squeeze the punch to “grab” the paper – double check that it's where you want it and punch. If you have a piece that is too small to “lay” on the punch, use a post-it note or a long scrap of paper with a dab of SNAIL to hold the paper in place. I always say to shop your stash and this is another way you can get more out of your cutting tools (it works for Thinlits and Framelits, too!).

Here's another easy tip that can “elevate” your projects – take a look first:


Elevate your toppers on your mini pizza boxes


So these are the Foam Strips and I specifically chose them so I would have a nice solid white line under my label assembly – here's a pic where you can really see the effect:


Learn how to decorate these adorable mini pizza boxes


See how that one little bump of dimension made the whole thing a little more…….finished? Plus, it left plenty of room for that awesome 7/8″ Striped Ribbon I fall in love with a teeny bit more every time I use it. Here's how I fit it over the belly band to hide where it meets itself:


Don't mind the gap when decorating your mini pizza boxes


I always try to hide this since no matter how good you are, it's crazy hard to get ribbon lined up just so. Pop the label assembly on top and you've got ribbon perfection!

Here are the other goodies I used to make these stinkin' cute mini pizza boxes:

Are you excited for Halloween yet? This year I am going to help you get your Trick or Treat on with a weekly Eight Weeks of Halloween series where I will show you a cute Halloween project that you can copy or adapt for your own Halloween treating.

Here's a last peek at this giftable treat:

Such CUTE mini pizza boxes!


Remember, the mini pizza boxes are going fast and I WILL be showing you loads of other ways to use these as we get closer to the winter holidays. I will have a post soon with suggestions and ideas on how to use these outrageously adorable and useful mini pizza boxes so check back often!



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