So I have some nutty friends – WONDERFUL friends but nutty nonetheless – and they all refer to this one thing I do as Megisms.  Have you ever seen that Irish blessing that includes lines like “May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light” or “May your neighbors always respect you”?  There are a bunch in there and years ago I read that and for some reason I started closing out conversations and emails with friends with my own twist on that well-wishing by saying things like “May your umbrella always work” or “May your drive through line be short”.  Silly things that were meant to make people chuckle but conveyed some good wishes for my friends.

Well now it's become A Thing and we all crack up now at some of the crazy “blessings” that pop out of my mind.  And someone said they are too good not to share so I thought why not?  If this can start a movement for us to bestow good tidings on one another, I am game! So every once in a while I will put something out there for you to get a chuckle – think Stuart Smalley (remember his “Deep Thoughts” from Saturday Night Live?) meets a zany leprechaun.

Here's today's!


Stay tuned for occasional new Megisms and thank you so much for being a fan!

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