We've known each other for a while and I think it's probably time to share some little fun things about me so you can get to know me better.




So – Coffee.  I LOVE coffee!  No, not just “like” it – capital L-O-V-E love it.  And other than the very occasional (like twice a year) caramel macchiatos, I don't want anything in my coffee.  No cream. no sugar and definitely no artificial sweetener.  Just plain black silky goodness in my mug.  I would drink coffee all day long if it didn't keep me up at night.  And yes, decaf, but I love it so much I would drink enough decaf to keep the eyelids in the stuck open position.

My favorite coffee comes from our local grocery store HEB.  It is the Houston Blend which always strikes me funny because I grew up in Houston and couldn't wait to leave.  It also has roasted coconut in it and I really don't like coconut.  But somehow, through the magical properties I know coffee has, it's delicious.  When I drink it, it is like this peaceful aura overcomes me.  It relaxes me, enhances my quiet time every morning and just plain makes me happy.

Are you a coffee nut?  Do you feel the same way I do about coffee?  Or any other beverage?  Share with me – make me know I am not alone in my undying love for coffee!


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