Ever Need A Little Boy Birthday Card?

Do you ever struggle with making birthday cards for little boys?  Or feel limited with which accessories to use?   I sure do!

My nephew turned 7 last week, and they are coming for a visit this next weekend (YIPPEE!!!) and my stamp set for his card came in on Friday.  As I was making this card, I kept adding more and more and more and more, to where it just looked like a hot mess.

I threw it all in the trash yesterday and decided I would try again today.

The entire time that I was making this, I was saying in my head, “Simple, simple, simple.”  I all but slapped my own hands as I found myself reaching for brads & other metal pieces.  And in the end, it was the simple card that I love!  (The only thing I wish I could add to it are googly eyes on the alien, but I can't find them.)

My best tips for you when it comes to making birthday cards for little boys:

Pick your color palette and stick to it!

Simple, Simple, Simple!

That's it – just two tips, and have fun creating it for them, they won't be little boys for long!

Here is the card:

Ever Need A Little Boy Birthday Card

Below are the supplies used to create this card.  If you need to order anything, here is the link to my online store, you can also click on the individual item name and it will take you right to it.


Are you really good at making cards for little boys, or big boys too?  If so, share your projects in Stamping Family!  Each family member has their own gallery to upload to and share with the group!  We would love to see your cards!

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