I hope that you had as wonderful a three day weekend as I did!  I played and played and then when I was done, I played some more!  We played as a family on Saturday.  Then on Sunday I had a meeting with the demonstrators in my group, and that was probably the most powerful meeting we have ever had.  It was sensational!  What should have lasted two hours, lasted four hours and the follow up after the meeting has been amazing.  I LOVE the ladies in my group, not a little, but a LOT!  I came home so pumped up that I turned off my computer, cranked up the music, grabbed my daughter and we stamped and stamped and sang at the top of our lungs!

Yesterday, I continued the stamping.  I turned off the music, kicked the hubby and kiddo out to the pet store to buy fish – you see we had a tank full of water and no more fish, so is it really a fish tank?  And I stamped – I got lost in the sense of creation – ever been there?  In my PJs, I created just for me.  Three hours and 14 fish later, when my family came home, we all sat and talked about our day.  Emily made a card (that I did not know about) for Matt.  It was so sweet.  It said Happy Labor Day.  He asked her why she made him this card.  She told him he deserved it since his labor is taking care of others.  (Hubby is a paramedic.)  Proud mama moment right there.  I guess she is learning something at school after all, I never told her what Labor day was about.

kit or tutorialThis morning, after waking at oh-my-gosh early, I started stamping before my first cup of coffee, which often leads to unsatisfactory results and I made one of these cards, and then I made two and then ten.  I was cleaning out under my cabinet when I found some of the old black gingham ribbon from Stampin' Up!  And unused ribbon is crying ribbon in my world – so I joyfully found a home for it on this card.  And then it hit me, this would be a great start to a project.  So here comes the question:  Would you rather see this release in about a week as a kit that would ship to you with everything you need to make cards or would you rather see it as a tutorial that you can print and do all the cutting and scoring yourself?  This is just one of the cards, but they would all kind of have the same feel/look to them.

How can you let me know which you would prefer?  Leave me a comment in the comments section and that will give me a great indication of what you would like to see.

I hope that you can find even 15 minutes to either crank up the music or relax in a quiet room and stamp.  I highly recommend it both ways!

Looking forward to your feedback, Meg


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