Let me start with this…  A kind gesture is such a ray of sunshine when you are dealing with poop.  Or shall I say poopy people.

As many of you know, I hired a company to redo my website.  They were a company that one of my most favorite people recommended to me.  Things started marginally OK, with me having to keep asking when they were going to start, then went to a rapid decline.

At this point, they want to be paid a TON of money for work that I never asked for, never approved – and then took the money I already paid them and didn't even give me that initial work.

For the past 10 days, since I reached out to the owner and her second in command person, my stomach has been in total knots.  I don't know about you, but for me, when I know I have been taken total advantage of – and they are more concerned with “covering their costs” of work I never approved and telling me to be happy with what I have (which is next to nothing) or pay them a lot more money, this doesn't inspire confidence.  Nor does it help me sleep well at night, and I guess one silver lining is that the idea of them makes me so nauseated that I have lost weight in the past week.

The blessing I have to keep focusing on is that in all the years I have been doing this, and all the vendors I have worked with, in all the cities and countries – this is only the second time this has happened.

All of this to say, I won't be getting a new blog right away, and I choose to focus the rest of the week on the positive encounters that I never would have had without owning my own company.

This afternoon after requesting a refund from this company, I went for a walk to clear my mind, clear my heart, knowing that just because you are “the little guy” no one should get to take advantage of you, I checked the mail.

In my mailbox was a handmade card from a Cathy Miller.  This is a lady I have never spoken to, never met, and I had no idea why this lady would send me a card.

I held her handmade card in my hands, ran my fingers over the metal, felt the die cut, and felt so happy that someone I have no idea who she is took time out of her life to make me a card, write on the inside, and mail it to me.





Her message was a thank you – and I won't go further than that.

The kindness of a stranger almost brought me to my knees today on the street, about 15 houses away from home.

If you ever doubt the power that a handmade card can make in your life, please come back and read this post.

Cathy, I hope you are ok with me sharing your card, I kept your message private :).  You made such a difference in my world today.  I cannot thank you enough.  As I write this, I am crying – and I am not a crier!  You are a beautiful person and my hope is that one day I will get to meet you and hug you.

You are my sunshine on a most cloudy day!


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