I got a question the other day from a customer asking how to use the Eastern Medallion Thinlits since she was concerned that some of them weren't cutting all the way through. I was VERY happy to tell her that her Thinlits were NOT defective but that some of the pieces were not meant to cut all the way through but instead provide gorgeous details to add dimension to a card without actually removing any of the material.

One way to determine if a wafer thin steel die – which is what Stampin' Up!'s Framelits and Thinlits are – is to look at the cutting side of the die and see if the outline around the OUTSIDE edge of the shape is a continuous line. If it is NOT, then this die was meant to cut “petals” or pieces that can be gently raised from their cut points to create additional texture on your project.

You know what? This is too hard to explain in words. Let me go make a video for you. Hang on a sec…………………………………………

Ok – I'm back – wasn't that FAST? <snort>  Watch this and see if this helps……

Hopefully that shows a little more clearly how to use the Eastern Medallion Thinlits. This is an incredibly versatile set of cutting tools and I love that there are SO many combinations of these shapes together that can make absolutely gorgeous cards – even without stamping! – yet many of the shapes are basic enough that you can combine them with greetings and other images to create all new and fresh looks.

And please, if you ever have ANY questions, feel free to email me, message me on Facebook or even leave a comment here and I WILL respond! I love hearing from customers and I love being able to provide solutions to stamping “problems” so USE me!

Now that you know what to look for and how to use the Eastern Medallion Thinlits to their max, I challenge you to go make a card using these or any other of the fabulous framelits and thinlits you have, today, right now (or as soon as you can)!

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