The other night on our Stamping Family Zoom, Patty shared that she is moving and asked for tips on how to pack craft supplies for moving. I have packed up my stamp room four times for moving, and it can feel very overwhelming.

My first advice is to think of what you will need now, 3 months from now, and 6 months from now. So if it's February, you can safely pack up Christmas supplies into a box of its own. So your timeline is a big part of it. Think about packing up first what you will need last. Kinda that first box in the truck is the last box out of the truck thinking.

We are mainly going to talk about stamping, but will include some other hobbies as well.

Ziplock Baggies are Your Friends!

I love these for so many reasons, but most importantly, you can see in them to see what you have. And, as long as nothing happens, they stay sealed. I didn't have any bags bust when I moved, but obviously, in the rest of my life have. And that's why I don't keep flour in those bags anymore, lol!

Put your markers in a bag. Paints in a bag, sprays in a bag. Re-inkers in a bag.

All of your adhesive can be sorted into liquid or tape/dots, etc. I kept foam adhesive in with tape adhesive and glue dots.

Ribbon is fantastic in these also so they don't roll out much and come off their spool. The first move, I had all my ribbon in a box. Next time, went with baggies! Much better plan.

Ink Pads

The first time I moved, I taped the lids closed with painters tape. It worked great, but was time consuming. The next time, I went with this:

Stack up ink pads and wrap around. I recommend having an extra set of hands to wrap.

I would do a stack of about 10. Then take the stacks and stand them up in a box.

Paper and Card Stock

Short flat boxes are my favorites for these, because they get super heavy super quick. Which may be fine if movers are moving them, but then you have to move the box to unpack it.

Have one box for each color family or one box with part of the rainbow (reds and oranges/yellows and greens/blues and indigos/violets and whatever else. Then a box for your whites/blacks.

For patterned paper – I recommend a rapid sort. We accumulate so much of it, do a rapid sort to decide if you will actually use it, may use it (but probably won't) and the paper you just know you won't use. It was bought with good intentions, but it's time for it to be repurposed.

Use the “got-to-go” paper as packing paper – remember when we used to crumple paper for card making? If you are feeling guilty about crumpling it up, flatten it back when you move. This trend may come back some day! But packing paper adds up in cost, so if you know you won't use something, repurpose it right away.


This is another thing that just accumulates. Packages that are almost full, pack as is. Things that are mostly used, either get rid of them, or have a box of random remainers. Put a date on that box of a few months out – if you haven't used or unpacked it – throw out the box.


First, pare down. If you have used the same Christmas set for the last 3 years, it may be time to let it go. My favorite type of boxes to pack these in are the under the bed ones. They are short, and depending on the brand of stamp, your stamps will stand on their ends rather than stacked on top of each other. This makes it easy to spot what you need if you have to dig through tubs for a while.

Short tubs also make them less weight to carry.

Dies/Embossing Folders

If they coordinate with a specific stamp set, rubber band then together with the stamp set before putting them in a box.

If they don't, sort them into stacks such as labels, flowers, holidays. Then use that same shrink wrap around the stack of dies.

With embossing folders, pair down, then use the mover's wrap. Best way to move these, hands down! Then put them in a box. These are plastic and will break. So if they are wrapped up tight, you are set.


Punches get heavy quickly. My favorite way to move these is in shoe boxes and you tape the lid on. Also think about paring down. If you haven't used it in a year, you probably won't.


Fabric is a GREAT filler of boxes and some here and there won't add a lot of weight to your boxes. Filled boxes don't damage like half empty ones do, so use what you have to help with that.


This is a tricky section for me. The first time we moved, I had everything in rolling iris carts. I used the mover's wrap on the entire thing and rolled it right on out to the truck.

I believe I did the same with the second move.

The third move, I didn't use them anymore, I had bought furniture for my first official stamp room. But we were moving into a storage unit and a hotel. We didn't know what our next house would even look like.

I chose to keep the book cases, as I was sure I could make those work in most any room. But I sold off my desk, chair (I wanted a new chair, so that's why it went). But my desk was huge. I loved it, but I had no idea if I would have room for it.

Thankfully I did get rid of it because our next house didn't have room for it in my craft room. Things like that that can even be replaced quickly/cheaply at a thrift store are perfect when you don't know the space you are moving into.

Craft Magazines and Books

Get rid of them! We had to have them back in the day. But there is no shortage of ideas out there, you will be fine! I used to keep them all – and I mean all. I rarely looked at them. And the old books have ideas that are way out of date.

You can also tear out pages of magazines to use to crumple up as filler for your boxes.

Tools/Specific Technique Supplies

If you like to heat emboss, put all your heat embossing together. When you go to unpack, then you know where all the items are that you need for heat embossing.

Machines, like die cutters/e-cutters – see if you can pare down what you have. If you have a machine that will cut and emboss and another that will only emboss, let go of the embossing one.

Think about how your machine arrived (or google it) and try to match it. So if it arrived to you with the handle unattached, pack it the same way. There's probably a really good reason it came unattached from the manufacturer.

These items usually pack best in a box that's most closely the size of the time.

Hot/Cold Storage

Our stamps and inks don't like extreme temperatures. So if you are going into storage units of any kind, I strongly recommend labeling boxes that need to go in climate controlled units. Not everything you have needs to, so you an usually go with a small cold storage unit for your crafts for a good price. Then that's one of the first units you empty as they do cost more.


Labeling is your friend! Invest in a GREAT wide width Sharpie marker and a medium width one. I had a box that had my mover's wrap, a wide black Sharpie marker and a wide blue Sharpie marker. The blue was my indicator that it needed to go into climate controlled storage.

The medium width one is so that you can be more specific. Instead of just saying Ink Pads, label it with however you sectioned them off for wrapping. So by color family or rainbow colors.

Wrap Up

I hope this helps Patty, but I also hope it helps anyone else that is moving their craft room.

Moving isn't fun – where you're moving to and after the move is over is fun – but in general it's not fun. The best advice I can give is to be completely honest with yourself on what you will actually use. Make this move guilt free!! Sometimes the item just “looks better on the hanger in the store.” XOXO, Meg

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