Today I want to teach you how to make little paper flowers to dress up your cards.  This is a simple technique that any level card maker can do. My favorite time to bust out this technique is when you are looking to create a card with a softer look and sympathy cards are ones that call out for a gentle look. See what I mean here:


How To Make Little Paper Flowers Sympathy Card


Here's another vantage point:


How To Make Little Paper Flowers Sympathy Card Showing Dimension


Isn't that so sweet? I know when I am making a sympathy card I feel like it has to look like how much I FEEL for the person I am sending it to. Know what I mean? Using something like this paper flower embellishment shows that some time went into the making of the card but isn't all inappropriately blinged up with bright colors and a whole pile of embellies.

Start by punching your card stock – and you can use colors or a neutral – don't feel like you can only use one. Punch it, then start crinkling it up then really ball it up like you are going to throw it away. Then open it back up, and re-crinkle. (Is re-crinkle a word? I dunno!) Here's a pic of the process:


How To Make Little Paper Flowers - all three stages


Then open it up, and then re-crinkle again. The more you do this, the more you loosen up the fibers of the card stock.

You can run it along the corner of your table with a finger over the top or use your bone folder to pull the card stock between it and your thumb as well.Technique – punch once and distress to create a layered flower.

Once you see the card stock begin to separate then you want to help it along – but slowly! Here's what it will start to do (look at the bottom rightish petal):


How To Make Little Paper Flowers - ready to add to the project


If it tears a bit, you are fine! Then you layer them together with the “inside” of the card stock on top.  Look at that stunning flower!!! Perfect for this card right? And here it is all done with the sweet little bow on top (made, of course, with the 10 Second Bow Maker!):


How To Make Little Paper Flowers up close in detail


Then we can move onto our sentiment. Do you see the bend in it? I did that to help keep with the softness of the card. Just use your fingers to slightly bend it. Let your adhesive keep the curve in place for you. Here's a closeup of the greeting banner:


How To Make Little Paper Flowers - banner detail



Here are the items I used to make this card:

Now if you liked this mini lesson on how to make little paper flowers there are TONS of fun little simple-to-do techniques like this can be found in the over 300 videos on Stamping Family. At just $9.95 it's the best $10 you can spend on yourself!

And now that you KNOW how to make little paper flowers just imagine what other projects could use a little floral love!


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