How to Make A Card Using A Sketch – Take Three

On Monday I showed you how to make a card using a sketch and yesterday a second version of that sketch.  Today I wanted to show you one more version of this sketch making an entirely different card still using the same elements and giving them each an individual twist.  You've seen the sketch twice already so let's just get to this easy and cute hand stamped card!

How to make a card using a sketch take three

You can see how I kept to the sketch's original orientation and left the tag right side up.  Because I used only two colors on this card, I layered the tag to add a lot of visual pop with no additional color or texture and added a bow using that luscious seam binding with sheen to echo the gloss from the pearls.  Instead of a rectangular element on the tag, I added a greeting that says it all in one and used a stamp to add the background interest instead of a strip of paper.  You can see here that even though I changed up a lot of what each element IS, I've kept the overall design true to the sketch.

Here are the products I used for this project:


I hope this mini-series has helped you to understand how to take a sketch that you see and break out the various elements.  One of the most gratifying things about rubber stamping and paper crafting is that you can do whatever you want with the inspiration that you see and make anything your own.  Helping people learn this is one of the reasons I started Stamping Family and I just love seeing all the projects and ideas people have been able to get from the three different Weekly Inspirations we post, a Sketch Inspiration being one of them.  If you are ready to stretch your creativity or just want to see how other people are inspired by what they see, I invite you to check it out.  Even I, the person who started Stamping Family, am constantly inspired by what I see from the fun people who are members!

Go ahead – the weekend is just a couple of days away – find something you like and practice how to make a card using a sketch!

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