I made it!  And quite secretly, I had been thinking that at any point in time, Stampin' Up! was going to notify me that they made a mistake, and that I am really not supposed to be here.  But I got on the plane and landed in Vegas, met up with other Founder's Circle members and we enjoyed a two hour bus trip to St. George, Utah. 

Now, I had no clue what to expect on the drive.  This flat-lander is not used to mountains, hills, winding, twisting, up and down roads.  But it is a land that is truly something that you have to see with your own eyes.  I took pictures, remember that I am on a bus traveling at 70mph with a non-attentive driver (That is another story!) and a sign in the front windshield.  So if you see them and think, "So What?"  close your eyes and just try to imagine it.

100_6269 100_6275







There is always a theme for the trip, or so I am told, and this year it is like a 50's sock hop.  Super cute, super fun!  When we arrived at the Marriott Courtyard, this is what we arrived to…



And get this, I have my own hotel room!  Now this may seem like such a little thing, but I have been thinking and thinking about it, and I think this is a first.  I do not think that I have ever been the queen of the air conditioner, the remote control, had the ENTIRE coffee pot to myself, not had to wait on someone to finish in the bathroom, the ability to read as late as I want to, AND had all the outlets to myself!!!  I must admit, it is pretty nice!  (Don't worry, honey, I am sure that I will miss you being in my room at some point.) 

Since most of you know what kind of a cheese I am, yes, I took pictures of the room.  Here is what is on my door, it is a record with my name on it, and I GET TO TAKE IT HOME :)!!

100_6283 100_6282








I even took a picture of the room!  Now I am a huge unpacker in a hotel room.  So everything is already hung up, somehow I wound up with 10 pairs of shoes with me for a 5 day trip, (I was a little tired when I packed and the 2 hours of sleep I had last night is not helping any) OH, but I did get the cutest pair of red flip flops to wear, I will probably share pictures of those too.  Can you tell I am a little excited?  Where you see the laptop on the bed is where I am sitting right now as I type this to you. 


So what's next…OH!  I forgot, I already got to play Plinko for ribbon!  And I got the most delicious candy apple.  Ok, now, what's next?  A special meeting for first time achiever's with Shelli (the founder) and then dinner.  I can't wait to explore the hotel and take more pictures of the decorations.  Did I mention that they rent out the entire hotel for us?  So there is Stampin' Up! everywhere!

And I must give a HUGE THANK YOU to Karen and Carol, without both of them, I would not be in St. George right now.  Karen picked me up at 5:30 this morning (WAY EARLY) and took me to the airport and Carol came shortly after to stay home with my Emily until Matt got home from work.

OK, so my fingers are about to fall off, totally fall off.  But here is what I ask…  If you have questions about what is going on, what we are seeing/doing/stamping, etc, please post the comments section below so I can tell you what you want to know!

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