Emily, Matt, and I would like to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!

I am very grateful and humbled that you spend your time with me as we share in our joy of card making.

Never did I think that I could take this hobby that started over 17 years ago and turn it into a business to help support my family.  And that is all possible with you!  Every order you place with me, whether for Stampin' Up! supplies or for online resources like Stamping Family, keeps me being able to share ideas, provide inspiration, and help us all out as paper crafters, and I am extremely thankful – as is my husband, Matt, & daughter, Emily.

I hope that you enjoy today however you may be spending it.

For us, Matt will be working today (ambulances are needed on holidays) and Emily and I have picked out several movies to watch in our pjs.  Turkey will be done on Friday this year.

Being able to work from home doing this “card making thing” allows me to be home on Thanksgiving, rather than me working on an ambulance, too, on most holidays.  Thank you for your continued support and please know how sincere I am in saying that.

We never minded working for EMS on holidays until we had a kiddo.  And we are both grateful that I was able to quit as a paramedic to pursue this as a business.  Without you, that simply wouldn't be possible!

Enjoy your day, with turkey or movies & pjs – and be sure to come back tomorrow when I will be sharing a tutorial with 6×6 paper that is perfect for Christmas!!!



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