Today I want to offer you an adhesive comparison for your paper crafting needs with one of my Paper Crafting Tips!

Handy Adhesive Comparison for Paper Crafters


So I am SURE you, like millions of crafters, have pondered which adhesive is best for which thing.  You probably don't fret over it but as everyone knows, sometimes choosing the exact right adhesive can mean the difference between a project that shown (off) and one that gets thrown (out).  So let's get started…..

SNAIL – SNAIL (Simple, Neat, Affordable, In Line) is a tape runner style of adhesive.  This and Fast Fuse (more below) from Stampin' Up! are a card maker's and scrapbooker's go-to adhesive for building layers, attaching photos, attaching ribbon and other applications where you are adding something flat to something else flat.  SNAIL is VERY thin and applies easily by simply “running” the applicator over your material in a strip.  Some of the pros are that SNAIL is economical, easy to use, doesn't make any sort of mess and refills are easy to pop in when the adhesive cartridge runs out.

Fast Fuse – think Sticky Strip on a roll!  Fast Fuse offers a stronger bond than SNAIL and is perfect for 3-D items or items where you have a concern about the strength of the adhesive.  (For instance, a friend of mine is shipping a scrapbook to her mother in law and since the book will be at high altitude for a while she's using Fast Fuse to be sure that the cold doesn't affect her work.)  And even though Fast Fuse refills are offered at a higher price point than SNAIL refills, when you do the math the cost per yard is the same as SNAIL!  Having both on hand is, well, handy and I use them probably the most out of all my adhesives

TIP: Because Fast Fuse is so sticky, it can sometimes be stubborn when applying by refusing to break.  This is a simple workaround – just make a sharp “check mark” motion when you get to the end of where you want to lay down the adhesive.  Really exaggerate the movement and the adhesive will snap and you will be good to go!

Tear & Tape – this tearable, super sticky adhesive is another 3-D project must have.  Sometimes you just can't roll your Fast Fuse over a seam or section and this is where this fabulous product is a lifesaver.  Even though the adhesive is ultra sticky, both it and the paper backing on this roll can be easily torn off making applying it very easy, even in little nooks and crannies.  There are several other brands of this type of product out there and I have found the one from Stampin' Up! to be just as economical and sometimes even stronger than the “brand” names.

TIP: This adhesive can also be folded back on itself to adhere larger, heavier items like buttons, charms, multilayered embellishments and even metal accents.  Double or even triple the thickness and you can even use it on textured surfaces for a nice strong stick.

Mini Glue Dots – as the package says, these are little dots of a sticky substance that is great for adhering little or narrow items. Not quite as sticky as Fast Fuse or Tear & Tape but in a very handy roll of 300 dots, these are perfect to have on hand for those itty bitty pieces.

TIP: For easy and fast application, stick your teeny element onto the glue dot while still on the roll and press to get the dot to fully adhere.  Now peel the element off the roll and place on your project.

Stampin' Dimensionals – these are Stampin' Up!'s incredibly convenient and easy to use answer to dimensional adhesive.  Most dimensional adhesive comes in rolls of tape but these handy little hexagons are sticky on both sides and can be used to lift elements up off the page just enough to give your project some depth and dimension.  You can even double them to add more height to your elements.

TIP: Use the edges leftover after you've used up all the hexagons; cut them up or use as strips.

Fine Tip Glue Pen – For those of you who are familiar with Crystal Effects (retired and sold out!) you will recognize the glue in this needle tipped applicator.  A little thinner than Crystal Effects (for ease of flow) this glue dries clear and glossy so it's perfect to add glossy accents to your projects.  The needle tip allows you to precisely place glue exactly where you want it and is ideal for the new die cut elements you will be able to make with all the gorgeous Thinlits and Framelits in the new catalog!

Multipurpose Liquid Glue – This is the liquid glue workhorse of my adhesive arsenal.  This glue dries clear and not glossy so you can use it adhere lines of glitter, tiny sequins, 3-D items and more.  This glue does spread easily so in this case less is more which also means one bottle will last you a long, long time. It also has a secret superpower – when adhered with the glue is still wet will result in a permanent bond but when allowed to dry first, the element becomes repositionable!  The fine tip allows for precise application where the broad tip with its handy built in chisel spreader is great for larger areas.  It's a must-have!

Adhesive Remover – Ok, so this isn't an adhesive but I can't imagine my crafting life without one so I thought I should share why here.  Also known but its less dignified names the Boogie Grabber or Snot Snagger, this funky little square of heavens-knows-what works as an eraser for misplaced adhesive except for the glue in the Fine Tipped Glue Pen and Glue Dots.  Just gently rub any side of this bouncy tool over leftover adhesive and, like magic, it will disappear.  At just $3.50 it's one my best purchases evah!


As of this writing, there were still some Glue Sticks and Two-Way Glue Pens available on the retiring list.  The Glue Sticks are just that, spreadable dry sticky material in a square barrelled holder, making getting those corners and panels covered easy and quick.  While not a favorite among the serious paper crafters, there is always a place for this kind of inexpensive, easy to use adhesive in a crafter's repertoire.  For projects that won't get a lot of action, like banners, wall decor, etc., this adhesive can go a long way for not a lot of money.  The Two-Way Glue Pens are filled with a thinner glue than the Multipurpose Liquid Glue and is dispensed with what looks like a magic marker tip.  With a permanent bond while wet and removeable when dry, the glue in this handy tool is ideal to have on hand for those quick dabs.  I reach for these and my double tipped Multipurpose Liquid Glue all the time.

Multi-purpose glue creates repositionable bond or ultra strong permanent bond. Adhesive bonds two ways: permanent by applying while glue is still wet or removable by letting glue dry before positioning. Dual applicators in one ergonomic dispenser. Use the pen tip for small areas or a fine line of glue and use the broad tip for large areas. – See more at:

I hope this adhesive comparison and explanation helps you choose exactly what sticky products you want to use!

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