So over on Stamping Family I have a regular video feature called “Deconstructed” where I show members handmade card ideas step by step. This way, they can learn the individual steps and then put their cards together any way they like. This has proven to be VERY popular and I love that members are sharing with me that they are doing a lot more creating since I started this feature that's as fun for me to create as it is for people to use.

Throughout July I will be sharing one entire Deconstructed series right here on my blog so you can get a complete taste of what it's like to play along! Today I am sharing the first video which was a lesson in how to create a faux ombre look. Here's a teaser but you are going to watch this video for sure!


handmade card ideas step by step - faux ombre


Ombre is continuing to be a VERY hot color trend in the creative world and this video gives you a super fast and easy way to create that look in SECONDS rather than having to work the perfect blend between bands which can take FOREVER.

Check it out!

Now of course that piece you saw me make will be part of a complete project – and I will share that after I show you the next two parts that go into it. And yes, YOU will get to see the whole thing – I will be adding everything in the next couple of weeks.

There are PLENTY more Basics and Deconstructed videos on the site, all just waiting for your happy and eager eyeballs! So if you just can't wait sign up here and get started! Last week we welcomed a BUNCH of new members so you won't be alone in your newbie-ness. Besides, we are just so friendly and fabulous……

Think about it – for less than 10 bucks you can have so so many handmade card ideas step by step, loads of new stamping friends and so much more right there at your fingertips – come on over – the only thing missing from Stamping Family is YOU!


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