Friday Flip:  Handmade Birthday Cards For Guys

Today we are taking a stunning card that has more of a feminine feel to it and FLIPPING it into handmade birthday cards for guys!  I don’t buy a lot of masculine stamp sets, as I don’t make that many masculine cards.  So I buy stamps that are versatile enough that my color palette can set the tone.

To achieve our Friday Flip, we are focusing on the Blow Out the Candles Bundle:


Handmade birthday cards for guys | Blow out the candles bundle


While I already have enough birthday stamps, (don’t we all!!!) I never can resist one that has a uniqueness to it.  In this particular bundle, it is the confetti die.  I almost, for 1/2 a second, considered just buying the dies.  But the rest of the die set really does require the stamp set.  The entire bundle is $34.  I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will get my money’s worth out of that bundle.

Especially when we use the confetti die (the funky looking one in the set) as we will in the video today – it just gives that die even more versatility!


Let’s Start

Here is the inspiration card:


handmade birthday cards for guys | Inspiration card for Friday Flip


This card comes from the Stamping Family site, where I share the ink technique that you see behind the heart, as well as the rest of the card too 🙂  I love the little slip of lace under the patterned paper, the little bit of ink drops behind the patterned paper – all of it!

BUT… I am in need of handmade birthday cards for guys!  Guys of all ages can get this card.

All of the supplies are listed below the video 🙂

Ready to see the flip?


Watch it here:




So whatcha think of this handmade birthday cards for guys?  Did you see how we start with something different and keep the elements that we love the same, just changing out the parts we need to?

To me, the Friday Flips get me working with my supplies in a completely different way.


The Supplies

To order any of these supplies, simply click a picture below – and your box will arrive to you in about a week.  Who knows, this card might be your thank you card from me 🙂

The Border

See how we took that border of confetti die, and just used it as a little strip to accent under our patterned paper?  It’s just one other fun way to get more out of your die!


handmade birthday cards for guys | Love the confetti from the die cut


The Ink Splatter

I love just the light splattering of ink behind the layers.  It’s not distracting or overpowering – just enough to add some more texture to our card.  Try it both ways and see which look you prefer 🙂


handmade birthday cards for guys | See the speckling of ink?


Want to see more Friday Flips?  Be sure to watch this one.  And this one.

Thank you so much for joining me today.  I hope that you enjoyed the Friday Flip today and are inspired to create.  Whether it’s handmade birthday cards for guys, or a Christmas card, have some fun today and this weekend connecting ink to paper!








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