Today is the last of the season's Halloween cards 2017 for this year's Eight Weeks of Halloween. HOPEFULLY you are enrolled in my Twelve Weeks of Christmas where I am providing samples and tips for projects that can take you right up to Christmas week.

I love this card because it's kind of funky, you can use it for just about anyone for just about any reason and it uses up some pieces that otherwise would have been swept off the table into the wastebasket!  Take a look:

The last of the Halloween cards 2017


Now this card has some MAGICAL properties!  (It does say “Witches Brew”!) I cut the cup out from a sheet of Designer Series Paper to allow it to stand center stage without a ton of doo-dads or embellishments. Because this is one of my lineup of Halloween Cards 2017, I did use that polka dot paper as a panel on my card front to keep that fun Halloween vibe going.

BUT if you wanted to tone down the funk or the playfulness, using a single color or more muted pattern would do the trick. Adding the vanilla-on-vanilla layer makes the cup feature “float” on the card. And see those three strips of Pumpkin Pie card stock that are anchoring that whole thing to the card? Those were in the trash pile! Using them as a small but harmonious pop of color pulls everything together.


Check out one of my Halloween Cards 2017


So the magic lies in that the patterned paper of the cup is doing most of your work for you, the greeting is easily exchanged for absolutely anything that fits on the sleeve, the anchoring strips and heart shaped coffee stopper and black cup lid were all scraps, and you can use this card for just about anything since coffee, tea or cocoa are relatable to just about anyone. And this card has all the makings of an amazing Batch Card because you can swap out all the different parts and pieces to use what you have right there at your fingertips. You could just cut everything up, mix and match your head off and have a ton of cards at the end of a clean up sesh!


SUPER cute Halloween Cards 2017


Here are the things I used to make this card. Keep in mind that you can swap out just about all the details on this card and still have something gorgeous but you will need the basics like the Framelits (my best investment from this catalog so far!)



The last of my Halloween Cards 2017


I hope you have enjoyed the Eight Weeks of Halloween countdown and next week I will have a recap of ALL of the projects so you can bookmark that page and see them all. This concludes Halloween Cards 2017 but stay tuned for lots more holiday goodness!


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