This morning I received an eye opening email that started like this, "This year I was so rushed to get everything done that I did a terrible job on my Christmas cards just to get them done – while I am still in the Holiday spirit, still playing Christmas music (the tree is still up) I want to get ahead for next Christmas and get my cards made now.  What is your best, and easiest, solution for this?  I am more excited over getting them done for next year than I was to do them this year!"


Then my phone rings about 9:30am, it is a relative asking me the same type of thing.

Double WOW.

If you are one of these people that feel under the gun because you only have 364 days to prepare for Christmas, yes, I do have a solution for you!  And it will help those of you that operate best under pressure as well.

First, grab as many of the Snow Festival Printed Tags that you can from the Holiday catalog.  This catalog is ending on January 2nd, so you really only have about one week to get them.  Then purchase this tutorial.  It will tell you everything that you need and you will have a stress free time making your cards for next year.

Funny how this email worked into my plan for the next couple of days.  I was planning on sharing with you my most favorite must-have items from the Holiday catalog before it retired, and the tags are my #1 must-have, and here is why:

1.  There are 25 DOUBLE SIDED TAGS.  Why is the double sided important?  It is a cute little die cut layer with some awesome non-holiday specific patterned paper.  So you can use them on ANYTHING!

2.  They are DSP – if they are not the size/shape you want, you can die cut them, you can punch them, you can do anything with them!

3.  They are only $3.95!!!!!  (no explanation on the wonderfulness of that needed)

Now that I sit here and ponder them some more, I went through about 5 packages of these and did not even use them once as a tag.  How odd am I?  I guess I forgot they were tags and just went wild with them for everything else this holiday. 

Here are the tags, they are 4-1/2" x 3-1/8":

Snow-festival-printed-tagsYou can order these gems right here in my online store and also be sure to check out the Clearance Rack for some other great deals.

Tomorrow:  more tips on how to use my favorite products from the Holiday catalog.


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