It's Friday!!!

Yay!!!  This lady is exhausted and ready for a weekend of cleaning, organizing, laundry, and getting my oil changed.  Why is it that we look forward to weekends?

Today, and this week, have flown by.  I am tying this at 3:50pm – it was supposed to be posted by 9:30am.  So I am only about 7 hours behind.  Which means,  believe it or not… I am almost caught up!

Earlier this week, I was cleaning out my craft room and came across some fun cards that I have kept, I don't really know why.  They aren't my favorites, but there is just something (or as I like to say, sumpin) about them that appeals to me – which makes them PERFECT Friday Flips!

Be sure to check back this weekend for new catalog info, new In Color Club info, a project from the new catalog that you can make much easier, but you need a retiring stamp set to do it, well to do it the easier way… In other words, watch today, come back soon!

Here is the newest Friday Flip:





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