Here is another Friday Flip that is perfect for you if you need birthday card ideas for a boy, for a kid, or for a guy (cuz they are just big kids anyway, right?)

The Friday Flip is all about re-purposing ideas that we love in our hobby.  If it was a great idea once, why not go for it again?

We start with one card and we FLIP it into another.

Here is our inspiration project:


friday flip | birthday card ideas for a boy


I love the simplicity of this card, but I also love the way the space is broken up with the different elements.

Watch the Friday Flip video tutorial where we turn this into a completely different card:




There we have it!  We kept the simplicity and so many of the elements.


friday flip | birthday card ideas for a boy


And what about the fun stamp on the backside of the card?  Keep in mind, it doesn't have to be the backside of the card, it can also go on your envelopes!





Here is the list of supplies I used to create this card.  If you want to make it yourself and need some supplies, simply click a pic and get them delivered to your home!


Thank you for joining me for today's Friday Flip.  And stay tuned for more birthday card ideas for a boy!

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