Five Easy Ways To Add Sparkle To Your Paper Crafting Projects

Sometimes a little sparkle is all you need to add the final touch to a hand stamped project and I am going to give you five easy ways to do just that using products that you probably already have on hand. Over on Stamping Family, sparkle is one of our favorite things to show off and these tips gleaned from our fabulous samples are likely to get you in a sparklific mood!  Ready?

1. “Color” with liquid glue.  Use any liquid glue, like Stampin' Up!'s Multipurpose Liquid Glue, to “color” various lines, spaces or place random dots on a project.  Let dry for just a few seconds and then sprinkle any of the gorgeous, superfine and uber-sparkly Stampin' Up! Glitters over the project.  Tap off the excess and admire your bling!

2. For more random splatters of glittery goodness, just make a small puddle of the same Multipurpose Liquid Glue on your non-stick craft sheet and, using an Aquapainter, squeeze a little water into the glue and stir around until you have something the consistency of creamy salad dressing. Take your “glue dressing” loaded Aquapainter and “flick” droplets of the mixture over your project; an easy way to do this is just tap the Aquapainter against your finger over your project.  Let dry a few seconds and sprinkle with your glitter.  Shake off the excess and be VERY excited!

3. Add beautifully straight lines of glitter using the incredibly awesome Tear & Tape.  This paper backed, tearable but super sticky tape is perfect for adding lines of glitter; just lay it down, peel off the protective paper and sprinkle your glitter over.  Press lightly to make sure every spot is covered and tap off the excess.  Try making intersecting lines or even a plaid pattern using different colors!

4. Use your glitter with Heat & Stick Powder.  This often overlooked but extremely useful product, Heat & Stick powder is your go-to when you want to create a glittery image from a stamp.  Just ink up your stamp with Versamark, stamp, sprinkle with your Heat & Stick, heat with your Heat Tool until just glossy, add your glitter, tap off the excess and then hit with the heat for just a few more seconds to super set the stickiness.  Because Stampin' Up! glitter is superfine, it not just has a lot more sparkle than other brands, it's finer grain means that you get better coverage even on finer lines.

5. And now a SUPER cute idea that doesn't use glitter!  Squirt a puddle of Dazzling Details onto some scrap paper and using a Sponge Dauber, sponge the Dazzling Details through a mask, a stencil, or along an edge of a panel to create a very subtle but eye catching shimmer.  As it dries, the effect becomes more dramatic so be patient and you will be amazed.

So which one are you dying to try first?  They are all gorgeous!  These five easy ways to add some sparkle and shine to your projects means you will be all set to create some gorgeous hand stamped cards and gifts this winter season!

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