This house has been crazy finishing up not only the Stampin' Up! year, but also wrapping up being four for my daughter.

Her birthday is June 30th, the same day that the catalog ends.  And so she has been Stampin' Up!-a-storm with me getting ready for the new catalog open house and downline meeting, and convention presentation. 

So like I said, things have been a little crazy!  And I FINALLY got my camera back, so I can begin taking pictures of cards again. 

I asked Emily today what she really can only do while she is four and not when she is five.  This started a very four year old based philosophical discussion.  And she started to mourn the age of 4 (kind of like some of us did at age 29).  She began listing things that she has only been able to do since she was four and then SHE came up with a super fun idea to spend tomorrow, her last day of being four, doing EVERYTHING she learned while she was four.  She said it is a day of Four Year Old Celebration (her words) and then the next day, we would celebrate being five. 

I thought this was quite a novel idea.  And very well thought out as well.  So she and I have been brainstorming what she has only been able to do since turning four. 

Here is what we have so far…

1.  Riding a Scooter

2.  Learning to swim

3.  Being able to use "sclissors" by herself.  (it really is scissors, but too cute to correct)

4.  Drink slushies

5.  Dust  (love this!)

6.  How to stack chairs

7.  Walk in high heels

That is the list so far, so can you imagine how we are going to combine all of these for a celebration tomorrow?  If so, please share, I have no clue how to incorporate all of these things!

But it was too cute, I had to share!

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