I was going to talk to her about this and get some quotes from her before school.  Ha!  We barely get her ready in time much less do anything before school.  But I am an optimist!  So we did this after school.  I am sitting here with her right now.  I will start by saying that she LOVED hearing all of your comments on my blog as well as on YouTube.  We even turned the comments into reading work for her, it was fun.

"Thank you for the beautiful comments!  They were beautiful.  They made me feel exciting and happy.  I loved making the card because it was great.  I liked making the video because I love making videos with my mom.  I hope that everyone liked it.  We can do a different card next time, and you'll love it.  And my mommy said that since I did such a great job, we can make many more videos.  The next one will be very pretty." 

No editing, straight words from a five year old that now thinks that I should leave her little chair in my office for all of her other videos so that she does not have to carry it back and forth. 

Seriously though, thank you all for your wonderful words.  I shared each comment with her and her face was beaming, she even told all the kids on our street about it.  I am sure that they had no idea what she was talking about, but she said that she made a video, put it on "her" website and that everyone loved it. 


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