Easy to Make Tags with Your Stamps

How in the world did I miss this?  I feel like it has been a ‘Monday' all week, but really…  I shake my head at myself today.  This is OSM!!! (Which is the 6 year old spelling for awesome, just in case you are wondering.)

There is this amazing set that Stampin' Up! put out and I am trying to figure out why this bad boy was not in the Holiday catalog.  THIS is exactly what I need right now.  I hope you know me well enough to know that I am not the type that says, “There is a new product from Stampin' Up!  I love it, you should love it too, click here to order.”  If I say I love something, I LOVE it.  Like how I love Dr. Pepper, and NCIS – I love this set.

It meets all of my criteria, first it is versatile.  Second, it coordinates with punches and dies.  Third, it serves a specific purpose.  Bam!!!

make easy christmas tags

You can get the stamps alone, or you can get the tags booklet alone, or in bundles.  But I think that 70 tags is awesome!

make easy christmas tags

Here is everything in this set:

make easy christmas cards

These little booklets make great gifts for friends.   Just stamp everything and don't tear the pages out.

Need it?  You can get it through my online store today.  On the right hand side of my blog, there is a button that says “Order Online” and you can have it delivered right to your door.

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