Every once in a while I come up with an easy handmade greeting card that is so incredibly flexible and change-uppable (is that a word) that I get really excited to share it with you. So here we go – take a look!

Check out this SUPER easy handmade greeting card!


Clearly this is a typical winter card with the “You Warm My Heart” and the flannel looking patterned paper and the little cup looking all ready for some cocoa. But when I was making this card all I could picture were all the OTHER cute things I could do with this. Like swap out the “flannel” for something lacy and add a heart instead of the cup. Or do this in blues and silver and replace the cup with a snowflake. Etcetera and etcetera!  Right?

This is one of the fastest easy handmade greeting cards ever


The possibilities for this are endless and honestly, it was SO fast to make. You can see above how I brought the patterned paper banner all the way to the card edge – this is a little trick you can do when you want to “anchor” your embellishment to your card front and makes the banner assembly “float” on your background.

One of my most flexible easy handmade greeting cards ever


The other thing that helps make the whole banner piece look so dynamic is putting the Old Olive circle BEHIND the banner and then placing the Real Read starburst OVER it. This really gives your eye lots of levels to look at and makes a not ridiculously thick card look like it has a ton of depth. Which we all know is something that takes a card for “ooh!” to “WOW!”.

And, if you are like me, that Linen Thread is sometimes the exact thing I want to use but, MAN, it's so thin it's hard to get a grip. The solution is the 10 Second Bow Maker because you can easily tie ANYTHING from the superfine Metallic Threads to big fat roving on this little baby. It's at the point where several hundred of these time savers come in and before I blink, several hundred of them are on their way to their forever homes!

Now despite the fact that this card is eminently flexible and you can change it out for any occasion, any recipient, any event (how CUTE would this be as a baby shower invite with a little stork or baby carriage or a little teddy bear in place of the mug?), this card makes one of the fastest and easy handmade greeting cards for the holidays! This is an idea “batch card” – yes the mug IS fussy cut but if you aren't into it (some people LIVE to fussy cut) – you could always stamp the cup and just punch it out with a shape you like.

Here are the things I used to make this project – add anything you don't already have to your shopping card and get a head start on your holiday prep!


Make this really fast and easy handmade greeting card for anyone


Can you see how this card could be switched out so many different ways? I know, right? Bookmark this post because you know you are going to want to come back to this totally flexible easy handmade greeting card over and over!


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