If you like doodling and drawing you might really like this card!  Take a look:


doodling and drawing on stamped images


See all those cute little details in black on that nice huge stamped image? Those are all little dots and squiggles I added using one of my Project Life by Stampin' Up! Journaling Pens. These pens, to be called just Journaling Pens in the new catalog, are fantastic! They write so smoothly, no blotches, and with two sizes you can really have fun with details like these or even writing with a fancy font.

I got the idea to try these out to do some doodling and drawing from one of the four Technique Videos on Stamping Family about doodling. One of the things that people love the best about Stamping Family is that there are over 300 videos on the site – all free to members – of classes, tips, how-tos and techniques like doodling and drawing using stamps. If you aren't a member, you really should check it out. For less than the price of one small plain (and not all that yummy) pizza, you can soak yourself in the luxuriousness of the fastest growing stamping community on the web. The only thing missing from Stamping Family is YOU!

Back to this adorable card – you've heard me say before I love big stamps because they give you a lot of impact with just one impression. Doodling over this stamped image in black ties in that little pop of black in the washi tape and the use of the splotches, the small diamonds and then the little dots on the letters ties everything together. Have another look:


Doodling and drawing over stamps


The other thing that might not be obvious about this card is that it's not dimensional. I know it looks that way because of the movement of the various patterns but this card is perfect for mass producing and super easy to mail. And just by changing up the background paper color and the ink color you've got endless variations. Here's a last look:


doodling and drawing on stamped cards


Here are the other products I used to make this card:

If you are a Stamping Family member, pop on over and check out the Technique Videos in the Videos section. If you aren't yet a member, sign up here and get INSTANT access to the entire site. And take a look at your stamps and see which ones you can decorate with a little doodling and drawing and have fun doing it!


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