Let's get real for a moment.  I need to know who can identify with this….

We all have dirty laundry, right?

What drives me absolutely bonkers is that you spend all day doing laundry and then what?

You take off your clothes at the day and put them in the hamper – and instantly, more laundry is created.  It is a never ending cycle.

I. Can't. Stand. That.

When is laundry ever really done?  Is it ever?

I have tried to do it in my bathrobe, but then there is my Matt and my Emily that feel like they should be able to wear clothes that day.

I have tried “all the same color” day before.  Like we all have to wear jeans and a navy shirt on laundry day, so that that night I can take all of our clothes for the day and wash them that night.

I have tried wine.  I admit it didn't fix the problem, but I didn't care as much 🙂

So who are my frustrated laundry sisters out there?  What do you recommend?

I hate leaving things 1/2 done.

The same could be said for my crafting.  When I start a card, I want to finish it.  When I get out the supplies, I want a finished something that I can hold in my hands.

Anyway, I just want to know – can you walk away from projects, like laundry or card making, when they are partially done – or am I the only one that can't?  Looking forward to reading your comments!!!

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