Do You Suffer From Paper Crafting FOMO?

If you suffer from Paper Crafting FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out – then I have a solution for you that is going to make you very happy!

Fear of missing out is a very real phenomena! defines it as “a feeling of anxiety or insecurity over the possibility of missing out on something, as an event or an opportunity” and there have been articles written about it in Forbes Magazine, on and is a primary topic among social media experts.

As paper crafters, we are ALWAYS scanning for, saving and clipping or Pinning finds that have to do with our passion.  Well, you know what?  Even I don’t want to miss out on anything fun and interesting in Paper Crafting which was one of the reasons I created Stamping Family.

Stamping Family is rapidly becoming THE place for ideas, information, tips, inspirations and friendly conversation about all things paper crafting and I know people love it because it has one of the highest retention rates of any paper crafting community on the web (meaning that once people join they stay because they love it!).

I wanted to give you a teeny peek at what went on recently on Stamping Family so you can calm your FOMO enough to go here to learn more about how Stamping Family can address not just your fear of missing out on cool stuff but joining and knowing that you will never suffer again!

In the past couple of weeks we had this color inspiration

Stamping Family Color Inspiration 63

This sketch inspiration

Stamping Family Sketch Inspiration 57

Learned this cool tip

You know when you are trying to use one piece of ribbon through a hole to make a cute little “pull”? Do you always forget whether or not you put the loop up or down to have it above the hole on the front of the tag? Here’s a way to remember:

“Go from the front
through the back,

thread the ends through,
pull up the slack”


And learned how to make this card – among others – in the free WEEKLY video that I create exclusively for Stamping Family Members.

Faux Quilt Card from Stamping Family Exclusive Video

There’s TONS more which of course I would love to show you but I don’t want this post to be 400 screens long!

For just under $10.00 you get weekly inspirations, exclusive weekly videos, tips, your own gallery, all my classes that are offered to the general public for a fee FREE to you, the opportunity to hang out with and exchange ideas and feedback with the friendliest paper crafters on the web, and MORE!  Get rid of your FOMO and check out Stamping Family!

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