After a fun filled afternoon of meeting other demonstrators, having a great welcoming session for first time achievers, we then went to dinner.  OMG!!!  The table decorations were as cute as can be!  Our group was the Bitty Buttons and our tables were decorated with album covers for placemats and then we had these fun 50's glasses at our table too!  Here is our table and here is our group.









I am not to sure of why it is that I take pictures of food on vacation, but I was in good company.  Most of us did just that.  I did for all but the main course, which I should have since it was customized just for us!  We had beef wellington.  I have never had that before, but I have decided first of all that it is yummy.  Then second, it is high class chicken fried steak, VERY high class.  On top of the pastry layer was "SU" in pastry and baked on top.  I am glad that I was not the one to cut out all those letters, but now wonder if they used a Big Shot with the puffed pastry 🙂

Then onto dessert, well, not really onto dessert, it is still on my plate in my fridge and now I have breakfast in bed.  Yummy!  Think cinnamon burrito filled with cheesecake…


But then, on my way up to my room, we stopped to get our group gift – Bitty Buttons!  Too fun!  And there was also an adorable stamp set out of the upcoming mini catalog that is released this spring!  I went to my room, and there it was… the pillow present!!  On our earned trips, when we return to our rooms, there are presents!  And this one was INCREDIBLE!!!  It is a new stamp set that has a MATCHING CUPCAKE PUNCH!!!  Ink Pads and ribbon were also in the super cute take out box. ***As soon as I find out whether or not I can show pictures of the new goodies, I will, but I would certainly hate to be kicked out of my first Founder's Circle!***


By the way, between the homemade toffee, caramel apple (which was of course covered in M&M's), and the huge meal at dinner, I am thinking that the actual translation of Founder's Circle is Come and Eat Retreat!

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