When I saw the Treat Tubes in the Holiday Catalog I KNEW I would be making some cute crafts for Halloween just for people to share some treats with their friends. And I played around and was totally surprised to learn that you need to do very very little to these cuties to make them giftable! Take a look!

Treat Tubes plus scraps equals cute crafts for Halloween


SO CUTE, right? And so incredibly easy! The beakers and the bubbles are two step stamping on a scrap and simply punched out. The banners were made from scraps and everything went together lickety split. All you have to do is stick the whole thing onto a Treat Tube and you are D-O-N-E! I did heat emboss the greeting on the back banner because I just love the crisp white on the black.

Make a batch of cute crafts for Halloween with Treat Tubes and scraps

I love it when I am able to come up with cute crafts for Halloween or any other occasion using up scraps or something that would otherwise go to waste. You can mix up any of the colors you use to stamp depending on what you have, you can change the sizes and you can use a variety to get through your scraps. It’s a win-win!

The only thing I had to add to the core products I have been showing you with all the cute crafts for Halloween this Eight Weeks of Halloween were the Treat Tubes. At just about $0.40 each – and they are plastic NOT glass (MUCH safer!) – you can give one of these to everyone if you want to! Here’s what you will need:

Remember, I used my scraps for the tag and banners and you can too!

Cute crafts for Halloween for treat sharing

Add this to your list of cute crafts for Halloween that you can make in a jiff and stay tuned for the last couple of Eight Weeks of Halloween projects!



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