Ohmigosh – I LOVE “happy accidents” and the other day I accidentally made some custom gift tags that will be especially attractive to cat lovers!

We have a cat – Pixie – who keeps us ROLLING on the floor with her antics. (Though that wanting to go in and out and in and out and in and out is getting a little old.) So when I saw the Cat Punch in the Holiday Catalog I knew I HAD to get it and I knew I would be using it for plenty of things beyond the holiday season.

The other day I was making a project and punched this cat out of the wrong color. It was sitting there on a box I had also made during my crafting sesh and it looked like a tag!  Also sitting on the table were some other parts and pieces so I fiddled a bit and……….well, take a look!

Custom gift tags for cat lovers everywhere!


Isn't that SO CUTE? Emily and I are going to make a whole bunch and not just use them on our gifts to our fellow kitty-loving friends but give a stack in a bag tied with some cute ribbon as a little Holiday love share.

Does this make you want to run to your punches, Framelits and Thinlits to see what shapes you have to make your own custom gift tags? Think of the zillions of times you need a custom gift tag – on a baked treat, a bottle of wine, flowers, gifts, to add to a little quickie treat…… And when you make custom gift tags that reflect either what YOU love or what your recipient loves, well, you've just made it so much more personal. I mean, you could attach one of these to a bag of sweet treats that you grabbed at Target and now it's a gift!

So think about it – think about what you want to “say” this holiday season and go ahead and whip up a batch of custom gift tags to let people know how much you care about them!


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