Do your like paper crafting video tutorials?

This week, Stamping Family is celebrating a fun milestone – in just a few short months, we have already hit 50 video tutorial uploaded!  What makes it even more fun is that most of these are member driven requests – meaning that they are what Family Members have asked for more of!

In our week long celebration over there, I am posting a new video tutorial every day – & I decided to share one with you!  This is a quick card that is listed in Stamping Family as of today.

Here is the project:

Stamping Family, stamping forum

Here is the Stamping Family video tutorial:

Click here to download the supplies and dimensions.

I am thrilled to share with you a sample of what is being shown over there, here are some other sections listed in Stamping Family:

  • Advanced Greeting Cards:  Lots of Layers, Lots Of Techniques, Lots of Fun!

  • Step it Up:  Taking simple cards and stepping them up with additional accessories – putting a fun twist on a simple card.

  • Scrapbook Class:  Different approach to scrapbooking

  • General Chit Chat:  Nuff Said!

  • Challenges:  Started with color challenges, growing to more!

Click here to connect with other paper crafters as you share, learn and grow!  Get your key to the tree house of fun today!


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