If you've heard about a “CASE Card” and wondered what it meant I am here to help – it means “Copy And Share Everything” and for a lot of us, it's part of why we love what we do!  We LOVE to share our ideas and creations and we love to help people copy them, either straight up or with their own twist. In fact, Stamping Family members say that one of their favorite things about the site is having their own gallery. And not just to have a place to show off all their creations, but to be able to inspire other people to try new techniques, projects, color combos and styles. The only thing missing from Stamping Family right now is you!  Come join us!

I digress (I get really excited about how excited Stamping Family members are!). Recently I did a post where I talked about stamping lingo and “CASE” was on there. And then recently, I had a friend over – this friend is beyond awesome, but has one major flaw – she is not a fan of handmade. I know what you are thinking… how in the world can I be friends with someone like this? I ask myself that everyday, LOL!

She really has no idea what I do, so when she came over for the first time and walked into my craft room – imagine her surprise. I had told her before everything I do, but I think all she heard was “… yada, yada, yada…makes stuff”

Come on, you know someone like this, right?

So after showing her some things, she noticed all the stamp sets and asked where they came from. I showed her the Stampin' Up! catalog. She thumbed through it and landed on page 94 and commented on how pretty the pink card is. And then she asked if I knew how to make something like that. (in other words – can YOU make something that pretty?)

Here's the catalog page so you can see where I started from:

copy and share everything


I need to mail her something, so I thought why not make her a card like the one she saw… and so it was time to copy and share everything from the project in the catalog. I knew I would keep most of the elements, but really didn't care for the wedding/anniversary sentiment. So I dug around and found the perfect sentiment in my stash. I decided to change out the inks to a softer crumb cake for the sentiment and used a “swish” stamp I had. Then I also decided to change the shape to a label rather than a circle – and I did away with the odd wood leaf that the sample used.

A few changes to this card and viola- it is complete and ready to pop in the mail! Ready to see MY version?

How to copy and share everything

That is what casing is all about – starting with an idea you love and making it your own when you copy and share everything you love about a card.

A CASE card is a copy and share everything card

Here are the things I used to make this card – remember, if you love this card and want to copy and share everything about it yourself, just click on the items you need and they will be added to your shopping cart!


Go ahead and copy and share everything

You see how making one TINY change made this card just perfect for my friend. That's why there are so many samples IN the catalog – for you to CASE!  Don't be embarrassed to copy and share everything – CASE – what you see!
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