OK, so many know that I fear technology, and many do not believe me.  They say, well you have a website and a blog and more email addresses than anyone can remember, you can edit pictures, create documents, etc.

And yes, I can do all of that (and play a mean game of solitaire) but it takes me FOREVER!!!  What takes a normal person 5 minutes can easily take me 5 hours. 

Matt and I have been needing new phones for months and months and months.  We both took ours 'swimming' in March.  I dropped mine while getting the all important pre-Hawaii pedicure.  Yep, dropped it right in the soak tub.  Matt baptized his on a day in Hawaii when he made sure (multiple times) that I did not take my cell phone with me to the beach, because we did not need it at the beach.  We got there, dropped our gear, he walked out in the ocean, a wave hit his leg and instantly he felt HIS cell phone bump into his leg.  Mine had dried out (tip – should you ever drop your cell into the tub while getting a pedicure, take the battery out and put it in the nail dryer!!!) so we were able to use mine, but I had gotten the ever stylish Go Phone just in case we needed it.  Matt's never recovered.  So Matt got to keep mine, I kept the ever stylish Go Phone and that is what we have had ever since.  Matt's "new" phone shuts off whenever it wants and mine, well, I think you get the picture.

So fast forward to today.  We arrive at AT&T for the 3rd time this week.  We applied for early replacement phones.  And after a week, we were approved. 

Now, we are those annoying people that only use a phone as a phone.   I have never sent a text, emailed a picture, nothing.  I push numbers, call someone, talk, hang up and drop it back in my purse. 

So now I have a mental image for you.  Picture Jethro and Ellie Mae.  It was honestly…

The Clampets Buy an iPhone!!!

Iphone Seeing as how we had to ask how to find the numbers and use it as a phone, we have a LOT to learn!  The awesome lady at the store was CRAZY enough to give us her personal cell number so that we can call her with questions. 

So if you try to call my cell right now, I don't know that I know how to anwer it.  I am not ignoring you, I promise.  Trish, Karen, you may get to help too!!!

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