Card Stands Now Available!

Many of you have been asking about my card display stands that I use in my pictures.  We used to sell them, until the world fell apart…

I was cleaning out my closet under the stairs last week and came across these forgotten about items.  With all the recent questions about where I got them, I went through and did an inventory of them.

And they are now back available for you to get your own!!!

NOTE:  I am selling these for the exact same price I sold them back in 2019 as the wood was purchased then.  I only have on hand what I have on hand.  Once I go through these, if we decided to continue having them available for sale, the price will absolutely go up, as the wood prices have gone way up.  But this wood was purchased back then, and I feel it's only right to sell it at the original price.

Matt and I made them originally for our home and he agreed to create these for all of you!  So the maker of the 10 Second Bow Maker is also the maker of Card Stands!



BUT… we only have a limited quantity available of these right now.  So please don't delay in ordering yours.  You will love having these in time for the holidays!

CLICK HERE to see the options and to get yours!







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