I'm often asked the question, "So I bought these items.  Now what do I do with them?"  If you find yourself saying this, I'm thrilled to announce a new reward program that answers that question… and then some! 
Each month, I will be offering a special bundle of products.  When you purchase that bundle through me before the deadline, you're going to receive a free tutorial teaching you how to make several projects with just those products.  These projects are exclusively made by me, exclusively for you.  If you like my style, you are sure to like these projects. 
So why bundles, and why now?  Because stamps and accessories are kind of like those potato chips, you can never really just have one.  And when you combine both, you get a MUCH bigger bang for your buck.  Why now?  Recently I asked a lot of my stampers what is missing from their creating.  And none of them really seem to have a problem with ordering, but many WANT project ideas given to them, without having to go look for them.  What better way then to give you ideas based off of specific products?
Be watching for the first bundle that will be announced on January 22nd!
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