Are you a brand new stamper looking to master some basic stamping techniques? Are you an experienced stamped who wants to review those basic stamping techniques to get a fresh perspective on your craft? Are you someone who just LOVES to be inspired by other people's creations and a video will get you rolling instantly?

Basic stamping techniques


Over on Stamping Family we've been playing along with a new video series called “Basics”. But this isn't your ordinary basics series – oh no, not from me! With each video, I dive into something that we, as stampers, are already probably doing. But I help you figure out a faster, easier, better or overall more fun way to do IT. From a super cool tip to lining up asymmetrical punches with their partner stamps to using up scraps you were SURE you couldn't do a THING with to getting those tiny sequins stuck down to tips to get the most out of the new dynamic embossing folders, there is something for EVERYONE! Members love it! Here's what some of them had to say about this new feature:

I love these ‘basic' videos. Great reminders and ‘new' ideas.
Thanks, Meg

I was cracking up as I thought….has she been watching me???

This is very good advice and with your usual humor, who will not remember these tips? Thanks!

Personally I love reviving those basic stamping techniques because so many times we are going for the bigger better harder fancier when something simple and elegant or fast and sweet would be just as, if not MORE, impactful.

I have to say I LOVE my Stamping Family community! I still can't believe that I get to spend so much time with the nicest, kindest, most creative and most fun stampers on the web. Members love having their own galleries where they can post their creations and I am always amazed at how much love everyone gives each other's projects. And when I need a chuckle, or some inspiration, or even a recipe for a quick stampin' snack I know EXACTLY where to go – Stamping Family!

Come and join the fastest growing community on the web for friendly, creative stampers! For less than the price of two foo-foo lattes a month you can be fully immersed in the world of stamping! And we have coffee together – there are even Coffee Talk videos! What more could you ask?

Join us – the only thing missing from Stamping Family is YOU! And take yourself from basic stamping techniques and beyond – all in one fun and happy place!


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