Who Wants Another Clean & Simple Christmas Card Idea?

How about learning how to make a different hand made Christmas card using pretty much the same supplies that we used before?  Only a few changes, but you will see how different this card looks.

This is another card that I did in several “steps”.  I did the basic one here, and then I “Stepped it Up” in Stamping Family to include more supplies, more layers, just a way to take this same basic card and do more with it.  In fact, this concept was such a hit in Stamping Family, that we made it into it's own section in the site – so there will be more and more added.

Today's card is really just about measurements.  With the use of 1 punch, all these strips are transformed from rectangles to pennants and it really makes an impact on the card.

Think of this card as a template.  Can you picture it with different patterned paper?  And a different sentiment?  Different ribbon or embellishment?  And then Linda had a great idea – taking it and rotating it – and making it into something entirely different.  (Linda's idea is featured in Stamping Family.)

Here is the card:

Who Wants Another Clean & Simple Christmas Card Idea?

Simple, right?  Imagine where all you can take this card as far as scaling it up!  And you can totally get your kids/grandkids in on the action in making these cards!

Here is the video tutorial showing you just how easy this is:

Here are the supplies used to create the card.  Worried you wouldn't get your supplies in time to make and send them out?  When you stick with simple Christmas cards, you can easily make a stack of these in no time.  Click on any of the item names or here to enter my online store.

Be sure to join us over at Stamping Family as we kick off our 50th Video Celebration – the first of many video tutorial goals for the site!  Click here to join in the Celebration!



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