I am one of those crazy people that LOVE a great clean out.  Like LOVE it!!!!

When we moved into this house almost 2-1/2 years ago, the main goal was to get my office set up and get me going FAST.  It was the first project, it was done in a couple of phases, but there were somethings that just didn't get done.  If you want to see the post of when it first came together, you can click here.

About two weeks ago, Matt and I had a sit down meeting.  You see, we have so many projects going on in our home that it gets to be 1) too much 2) 95% complete and then we are onto the next.

Can anyone relate to that?

One of the things on the “Almost But Not Quite” list were the shelves in my craft room.  I REALLY should have taken before pictures, but they were just pieces of wood.

They were all all a little different in length, as I was trying out different lengths initially to see what worked best.  They needed to be planed and stained – and those items fall into Matt's wheelhouse, not mine 🙂

After a week of cutting, sanding, staining, sanding, polyurithaning, and sanding, they were put into my craft room!!!

Today was supposed to be just “fill back up the shelves” day, but I got…

The urge to purge!

I normally do this at least once a year, but haven't since we moved in.  We also packed in such a hurry to get out of our last house, that things were shoved, packed, moved, unpacked and fast forward 2-1/2 years and it is ALL still here.

As I sat there looking at my empty shelves and just admiring the open space, the blank space, the ahhhh of seeing it like it is, it got me on a roll.

Here is what my craft room looked like when it started today:



Loud music, great coffee, and a few hours later, here is what it looks like:



For me, being a demonstrator, I do have to clear out and have to make room for new.  It just has to happen.  And I keep a TON of things that retire, but there are just some things that need to find new homes.  They are items I won't use and I really want them to be used.  So they go up for sale.

This Sunday I will be relaunching my Retired Items page.  (There are still some items for sale on it right now that you can still order.)  But on Sunday it will get a facelift, and hopefully make it easier for you to see AND choose the items you want.  Most everything is a quantity of 1 – so to say that supplies are limited is an understatement.

It feels so amazing to sit here in a clean room!

I still have to go through my drawers, that will be more of a glass of wine activity than coffee though!

Even my label maker got a workout!  (This is my favorite way to store accessories by the way!)  They are the empty stamp cases from Stampin' Up!



Many thought that they were discontinued because they accidentally left out of last year's annual catalog.  But here is where you can get yours.  They are an amazing price, and I use these cases for all kinds of things around my house too 🙂


So there ya have it – a nice, clean stamp room, ready for a new catalog, ready for a new year – ready to create amazing things to share with you!

Again, you can go to the page now, just know that a new look is coming for it by Sunday (fingers crossed!)

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