More than a decade ago, I had a dream of creating something that people in my industry said I couldn't. I got push back from so many people, and actually lost friends over it.

My dream was to take what I was doing in the online space of paper crafting and turn it into a community.

Rather than me talking at you, I wanted to talk with you. Rather than creating at you, I wanted to create with you.

I wanted to see your wins and help you with your paper crafting struggles.

And here's where the kicker came in… I wanted our group to use whatever supplies they wanted to. Not the ones I said you had to buy for the price of admission.

You buy what you want, I buy what I want.

While it seems simple, it wasn't. There was a lot of judgement before it even was built. When I told others what I said I wanted to do, they told me I couldn't. It couldn't work. It would last a month or two.

But you know what?

I did it anyway.

One skill I have that I don't talk about is my ability to listen. And I listened to all those people tell me why they didn't think a community online could work like how it was sitting around my kitchen table. I listened to them tell me I had to provide a supply list and everyone had to have the same supplies.

BUT, then I listened to you. I listened to those that leave me comments on my blog and social media. Those that call me on the phone (yes, gasp! – I do talk to people on the phone about stamping!). I listened to those that were repeatedly buying my online classes. I listened to what they would want, what would stop them, and what would excite them.

I took THAT feedback and ran with it. I mean RAN with it. I found the software with the help of a friend that believed in me. I found a coder that could help design it with the help of a friend that believed in me. I found a graphics person that listened to what I wanted and she created my design. I dreamed about the name of it for months until I KNEW that the name was spot on.

A “competitor” of mine at the time was the friend that pushed me forward. I say “competitor” in quotes because to me, there is no competition in this line of work. You do your best, you bring your best, and there is space for everyone at the table.

Where that dream led…

Fast forward OVER 10 years, and that dream is still alive. It's still going. It survived when other businesses closed due to Covid. It's here, it's beautiful, and it's called Stamping Family.

Stamping Family is full of the most beautiful people you will ever meet. They are kind, generous, fun, funny, all ages. and they are just real. We don't do fake, we don't do phony. We come as we are and accept each other for being who we are.

Types of Members…

We have all types!

We have our lurkers. Our lurkers log in, watch videos, get what they need from the site and no one ever knows they are there. That's what works for them.

We have members that will log in, look for ideas in the gallery, watch a few videos, maybe leave a comment once a year.

We have members that will watch everything and comment on everything!!!

We have our Zoom'ers. These are the regular attendees that come to our Zooms. And if you don't think you can have fun stamping over a Zoom, you just haven't met these ladies!!!

Last week, I didn't have my hair or makeup done for our Zoom. I came just as I was, felt like I was coming in hot on two wheels, and left the event so filled with joy.

Stamping On Your Own Can Be Lonely…

But it doesn't have to be. If you don't want to stamp alone all the time, then make a choice to join us. The friendships that have been made in this group are incredible. Some of us will be lifelong friends.

When you can share pictures of your cards and get loving comments, that feels good.

When you can go to another members gallery and leave them a loving comment, that feels good.

When you can use what you want and create what you want and just have fun, that feels good.

When you take the first step and join us on a Zoom and laugh and create, that feels good.

Would you like to have fun and feel good?

If so, you get to join us.

The Doors Are Open!

This Saturday is World Card Making Day, and we are having our big WCMD event in Stamping Family. It's one of our bigger events that we do twice a year.

There is a theme this year. We talk a lot in the site about making something that means something. That's what we get to do as card makers.

This year I am editing that and making it part of the theme….

Make something that means something…. and put it in the mail!!!

We will have several things that support this theme and to help you do more of what you love to make a greater impact on others.

That's such a rare gift that we as card makers get to do. With pieces of card stock and stamps, we get to have an impact on others.

Let that sink in…

Stamping Family focuses on making a positive impact on others. That's what it's been about since day one.

We are a family that you get to choose, which is many times better than the ones you don't.

Together we share this common bond and together we are better.

Are You Ready to Have Some Fun?

If you are ready to jump into this magical experience we call Stamping Family, then now is the time!

We are currently accepting new members, just in time to bring you into our World Card Making Day event!

If you are ready to become our newest member, click here to sign up.

The only thing missing in Stamping Family is you!

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