A Hand Made Card From Jackie!

The power of a handmade card still surprises me.  A few weeks ago, I was having a Monday.  Your typical not-enough-Dr. Pepper-in-the-world was going to make this day better.  The type of day where you look at the clock all day long wondering if it is time for bed yet.  When you order a salad without cheese and get home with it, and there is not only cheese but extra cheese, and no ranch (gasp!) kind of day.

For some reason on this day, I decided to walk down and check the mail.  I still have no idea why.  But I did.  And there in the stack of bills and junk mail was this card from Jackie.  I was overly delighted and could not wait to get home to open it, so I did right there on the sidewalk.  I won't share what the message was on the inside, but the message on the outside lit up my world before I even got to the inside.

I have had it on my desk every day since then.  Every time I look at it, I grin like you can't imagine.  Jackie and I have never met, we have sent emails back and forth, but have only talked once on the phone.  And don't worry, she gave me permission to post her card.

How did Jackie know that I needed that card on that day?

Here is the hand made card from Jackie:

hand made card

Think of someone that you should make a card for.  And then go make it.  And then go send it.  Send a smile to someone in an envelope!

Thank you again Jackie for your hand made card!!!

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