Today I started a new Bible study.  It is a Bible study with Beth Moore that we are doing at our church.  And I normally keep my spiritual life kinda private, so I am going out on a limb.  So I am going to share that this is not only my first Bible study with Beth Moore, but my first Bible study ever.  I always plan to attend them at church and something always comes up.  And it went really well.  But of course I try to make stamping a part of everything I do since it is such a blessing in my life.  As I looked around, a lot of ladies had journals to write in and I instantly thought, "I could make a super awesome journal with awesome ribbon and I know exactly what I would stamp on the front," etc.  Others wrote in their book (which is a huge no-no to this day in my mind).  And so I wanted to ask you what you do and what you recommend.  Should I write in the workbook so that all of my notes are in one place and leave the stamping for creating cards for my table leader and other ladies at my table?  Or is it better to have your notes in a separate place and decorate the journal?

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