On Wednesday I shared with you a second card inspired by another card and today I wanted to share one more.  I love using cards I have made or that I see out in the world to inspire my own card making and when you copy the elements but switch out just the papers and colors you can end up with endless combinations from just one inspiration.

Here is take three:


A Card Inspired by Another Card - Take Four

Not a thank you card but an almost exact copy of this card but with an entirely different vibe. You can see how, when you find a card you love or one that is easy to reproduce, by changing out just a few things you can have a whole different project with very little design time involved.  These kinds of cards are perfect for stash cards – watch for an upcoming blog post about how valuable these stash cards can be to a stamper!

Here are the products along with the 10 Second Bow Maker that I used to create this cute card:


Many of you have said how much you have enjoyed these miniseries about how to create a card inspired by another card and how to make a card using a sketch and I promise you I will offer more inspirational and helpful miniseries like these again!

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