Susan sent me the nicest email yesterday, telling me how much she enjoyed "meeting" Matt and Emily, but wanted to know why I do what I do and how it came to be that this is what I do. 

So I will share a bit about me.

My full name is Megan, everyone calls me Meg.  I grew up in the Houston area, Spring, graduated from Klein High School.  I got as far away from Houston as I could (as far away as  in-state tuition would take me), and went to Texas Tech University.  It was great!  I loved college, and I loved Lubbock (initially!). 

I was a member of Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity and that was life changing.  I did community service on almost a daily basis.  And really liked helping people.  A friend of mine needed to bring a friend one night to a course that he was taking, this turned into another big life change and it was also a LIE!  He was taking the Intermediate EMT class and he needed a victim for learning how to draw blood.  And I was the victim!  But I loved sitting through the entire night and learning about acid/base imbalance, and to make it stranger than that, I hate chemistry!

Fast forward three years, and I had finished everything from EMT Basic through Paramedic.  I went to work for Lubbock EMS and worked in dispatch as well as in the field.  I really needed a way to wind down after being up for 24 hours straight.  It wasn't that I was high on adrenaline, just needed to wind down before I could fall asleep.

And that was when I was introduced to stamping.  I went to a Stampin' Up! workshop and bought a ton!  I came home from my shifts and I made awful cards!  (They really were.)  But my friends and family all suffered through these terrible cards as I was learning.

We moved to Austin and I kept stamping, when we bought our first house, I wanted a stamp room.  I would still come home from 24 hour shifts and stamp.  Stamping was always a huge stress relief for me.

Fast forward to the Halloween that we found out that we were going to have a baby (trick or treat, right?) and we knew that we could not both work 24 hour shifts with a baby and no family in town. 

Matt suggested that I "do that stamping thing" as a job replacement, I replied, "huh?", and then I did it!  I became a demonstrator and seriously, have not looked back.

Over the past few years, we have traveled, I have learned how to make pretty cards, and one of the things that I am most excited about will take place very soon.  Stampin' Up! asked me to be a presenter at their annual convention! 

So that is how I came to where I am at, in 400 words.  I love that I get to stay home with my daughter, I love that I can still live with the EMS calls vicariously through Matt, and I get to stamp!

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